Channel element can contain zero or more Item elements


Issue reported by Ken Gruven.
When trying to validate some RSS2 here (with xmllint), I discovered that your XSD doesn't pass a RSS2 feed with zero <item>s.
According to the spec: "A channel may contain any number of <item>s." http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/rss/rss.html. (And zero is a number!)
I think the line:
<xs:element name="item" type="tRssItem" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
should read:
<xs:element name="item" type="tRssItem" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>


jthelin wrote May 25, 2008 at 7:35 PM

Fixed in release

jthelin wrote Sep 7, 2008 at 7:03 AM

** Closed by jthelin 5/25/2008 12:36 PM

jthelin wrote Sep 7, 2008 at 7:03 AM

Unfortunately since bug-fix 10231, the rss-2_0 schema has become non-deterministic with respect to extensibitity elements.
We can not tell whether an extension element in tRssChannel is within the choice or after the item elements.

Re-opening this issue for further consideration.

jthelin wrote Sep 7, 2008 at 5:58 PM