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E-mail address value may have readable interpretation


The RSS 2.0 schema fails to validate e-mail addresses written in the form stated in the examples for the managingEditor and webMaster elements. The author of the specification is of the opinion that users should be to write a humanly readable interpretation of the local part in the email address, like this:
managingEditor (George Matesky)
webMaster (Betty Guernsey)
Although the schema should validate this form, it must be pointed out that the RSS 2.0 examples are yet another deviation from standard email address notations stated in RFC 5321 and RFC 5322. For these RSS e-mail addresses to be compatible with SMTP systems they should read:
managingEditor George Matesky
webMaster Betty Guernsey
Unfortunately the spec is further messed up by an obvious typo in the example for the author element:
author oprah\   Here the backslash isn't even an allowed character in an SMTP address. This last error has been corrected in version 2.0.10 of the specification, which is being maintained by the RSS Advisory Board.
Greetings Philip